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I’ve Got Answers

What does a Natural Health Assessment mean?

This is a thorough assessment involving:

  • One on one with Natural Health Practitioner/Registered Nurse

  • Comprehensive Intake Questionnaire

  • Individual Assessment

  • Metabolic Scale

  • Contact Reflex Analysis

  • Supplement Program tailored to you

  • Support and Follow up

What is Contact Reflex Analysis?

Contact Reflex Analysis, also known as CRA®, is a simple safe, natural method of analyzing the body's structural, physical and nutritional needs. A deficiency in any of these areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems. CRA is not a method of diagnosis.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Be yourself. Drink some water prior. Sit back and relax as I do the work for you!

Are herbs safe to take?

The herbs I suggest are premium quality and will be customized to you. Even though herbs are natural, they might not be safe for everyone. This is why we do a thorough assessment to ensure that these herbs are right for you.

What supplement line do you suggest

For nearly 50 years, Nature's Sunshine Products has been making that are superior quality.

It’s all built around you; you’re special. Your body, your life, your needs…it’s

all unique to you. For a custom solution as unique as you are, they have made over 200+ different products. From targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions, their natural health products feature the best raw ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.

Feel free to contact me with additional questions.

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