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Jessica McCoy - Ignite the Light

Access Consciousness Guide
Human Trafficking Survivor Support
Youth Awareness Facilitator

Hey, Jess McCoy here!

I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the Team at Renew Wellness Clinic.
Just to give you a little glimpse into my world. I’m a social butterfly. I love growing things and getting lost in nature.
A few things that light me up from the inside out: Music and gratitude is right up there with oxygen. Nature photography, writing, fishing with my kiddos, traveling,  looking up at the sky, bonfires and flowing water. I’m the kind of girl that feels everything. Collect rocks, seeds and crystals.
A little blast from the past: I grew up in the small town of Madoc Ontario. I attended C.H.S.S than was off to Maxwell College in Belleville. I graduated in the health field as a level 2 Dental Assistant. I worked within the Dental field for 16 years. Within this time, I married my high school sweetheart, we built our first home with our own hands and soon brought home two beautiful babies, Colton and Madelyn. (Now teenagers)

Life back then was crazy hectic, and from the outside in, all looked wonderful. Meanwhile deep within, I was hurting. A dark void. I was just living each and every day in survival mode. Life was a party. I knew something needed to change. But had no idea how to get there. It’s like I knew there was more to this life, I just didn’t know what.

I knew deep down I had a calling to support people in a way that would create change. But not in the shape I was in. I had to create a personal shift of my own first.I had to face my own fears. I had to acknowledge my own childhood traumas. I could no longer hide, or push the numbness down any further. It was time. I had to start by getting sober and clean.

A coping mechanism that was no longer working for me. I was so tired of fighting it and so desperately wanted change.


I was introduced to the world of natural healing. Energetic bodywork. I was now not only experiencing healing but offering and receiving treatments and knowledge first hand by the very best in the field. (In my opinion ) I was blown away. I actually felt as if I had space to breathe for the first time in a long time. This was a new sensation for me. I was absorbing this information and these techniques like nothing I had ever learned before. I was intrigued. Everything made sense. Body work came so natural to me. Most importantly, it was so incredibly effective, creating lasting change right before my eyes. I truly am grateful. I’m here to offer anyone who requires a sacred healing space. 


When those tough days show up and they still do from time to time. I have created tools, I have collected along the way. Tools  that allow me to stay focused on staying in the right mindset. Focus on the good.  I also rely and call forward on my guides and ancestors quite frequently for love, strength, and guidance. I normally do this in nature. I than close my eyes and ask for mother natures whispers. These are some of her messages I have heard. 




I knew without hesitation what I needed to do. Its time. It’s stops here. The ancestral cycle of sexual abuse ends with me. I needed to heal not only for myself, but for my children’s, children. Healing is my responsibility. 


I felt an urgency to create a ripple effect that the whole world would feel. It’s time to take back what is ours. I now use my voice. I use it for the ones who are gathering their strength.


I offer my light to those who are healing, until they re-discover their own light within. I do my best to speak to as many people as I possibly can to create awareness. Together we can cast a world wide ripple effect. I trust each and every person who these words pass by share in my urgency and vision to create change by making a solid stance.





I envisioned and manifested into reality, a safe space for all ages to come and be heard. A space to heal in the most gentle way possible. A place they can trust to just be. Release. Reconnect. SURRENDER.  A place that is surrounded by likeminded Earth Healers who want to see YOU thrive. Collaboration is key. 


I will be offering a variety of Energetic Body Work and techniques that allows my clients the opportunity to release the heaviness of Ancestral and Childhood traumas. It’s time to stop the cycle in its tracks. I am here to hold space, relate, offer light, energy & clarity while I guide you naturally in reconnecting with your body & souls true purpose.


If YOU have been searching for that certain someone to support you in releasing and relieve those heavy burdens of the past or you’re truly just looking to have have a relaxing morning or afternoon all to yourself. Let me help bring you back into balance with one or a variety of Relaxation & Restoring Sessions. I look forward to holding space for you.

~ Jess 


Access Consciousness
IMRS/ PEMF Sessions

Therapeutic Ear Candling

Therapeutic Ear Candling

Ear candling is approached as a therapeutic practice that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in promoting overall well-being. Holistic ear candling involves the use of candles to address not only physical aspects, such as earwax removal, but also the potential impact on mental and emotional states. The practice is seen as part of a broader approach to holistic health, recognizing the importance of maintaining balance and harmony in the individual's entire well-being. It is essential to approach ear candling with caution, considering both its potential benefits and the need for scientific validation within the broader context of holistic health practices.

Natural Healing Support for Survivors of Human Trafficking / Childhood Sexual Assault
$85 (60 mins)

Gratitude Workshops.
You Are The Medicine
Women Warrior Workshops
Vision Board Workshops
Self Worth Workshops. (Teens, Moms)

Youth Awareness Facilitator 
Drug and Alcohol, Suicide Alertness
Human Trafficking Awareness Workshops
Build your own tool box full of survival skills.

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