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Why sit and worry?

Why Sit and Worry

We are surrounded by warnings of what is happening in this world.

How often do we read about a "good news story"? Not very often.

We are surrounded with a lot of negativity and sadness. Do you

ever think how this impacts you as a person, you as a

mother/father, you as a loved one to someone else?

When we find ourselves dwelling on this negativity, our bodies are

naturally responding as well. Our stress levels spike which is

putting down our immune system and causing havoc on our other

body systems like digestion.

Don't get me wrong, it's good to read what's happening, but think

about how it is effecting you and how much it consumes you.

Starting to think positively can be the start of a healthy body. Let

go of the worry - what good is it doing you anyways?

I was just recently told to "go with the flow".

Sounds simple, but there is some depth to this:

Are you able to let go of a negative thought?

Are you able to see the positive in different situations?

Can you catch yourself when you are starting to feel stressed?

Try to be aware of your thoughts and how they are affecting you. If

you feel your stomach upset, or your breathing change, STOP and

think of something positive. Feel the difference.

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