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White Sage & Eucalyptus 4" Bundle

Lavender calms, white sage cleanses…

This smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, grown and made in USA, wild crafted in a sustainable way. 

The art of smudging has a long tradition with Native Americans. Used to cleanse, protect or heal, the herbs in the smudge have beneficial properties and help reconnecting with the power of our Mother Earth.


Traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat many infectious diseases, lavender smudge evokes protection and cleansing. Burning lavender attacts positive energy, opens the heart chakr


Sage is believed to help clear patterns of negative thinking. 

Lavender complements it by bringing positive energy and helping to release fear and calm the mind.


Each sage smudge stick is hand-picked, dried, and carefully tied using only the highest quality products.

White Sage & Lavender 4" Bundle

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