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Absolutely recommend Renew Wellness!! It’s been amazing to go over my health concerns and take a more natural approach to maintaining them!I’ve had some incredible results and am blown away with how my body is responding.Janet is so warm and welcoming and answers all my questions.It’s worth the call - or email - take a chance and try something new!

Jack V.

Thank you so much Janet Newbatt for allowing my daughter who has a dairy protein allergy to get relief at night when getting something she shouldn't. We used to spend hours up at night with her while she would be in pain, crying and upset. Now we just give her some Catnip and fennel and within 10 minutes she is calm and sleeping soundly for the rest of the night! This has changed our lives so much and allowed us all to get a better nights rest. Thank you so much!

Amanda M.

Great experience!! I had the privilege of trying a new modality today with my new friend and fellow healing facilitator Janet Newbatt who is an RN and a Natural Health Practitioner.

I won't do her justice, but in short Janet uses muscle testing to evaluate and assess the body and emotions. It was stunning to see all of the little nuances and ailments that she was able to tune into (and Janet does not know anything about my health or emotions!)

She then muscle tested different herbs/natural treatments by muscle testing as well. Asking my body what it needed first right now to heal.

Jennifer C.

I suffer from severe allergies and have for years, including allergy to the cold (cold urticaria)
I break out in rashes, hives, always itchy and have decreased lung function as a result of seasonal allergies. Being outside is torture, but I love to be outdoors as much as I can, so I suffer.
I was taking up to 4 of the 24hr antihistamines a day plus a puffer and nose spray.
Janet offered me Histablock to try in Aug and it did wonders! But life got busy, and I didnt buy any....then i did the testing and of course it was the one for allergies, so until it came, I got a few more samples.
After just 2 days, I didn't need ANY antihistamines!!!! I am on day 5 and I can breath, and have very minor itching which I believe will disappear completely.

Ellie C.

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