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Incense of highest quality made in Canada, with a base of pure essential oils, carefully blended into a natural incense stick. When burned, these incenses emit a relaxing and fragrant scent to improve and enhance one’s surroundings, creating an environment of purity and freshness.


These incenses leave a pleasant aroma for a long period of time.Our Amerindian incense sticks have natural aromas such as cedar, pine, sage, maple, rain, spices, eucalyptus, juniper and more.


Each of these natural incenses bring soothing and healing properties. Some of our Amerindian Incense include Eucalyptus, Rain, Sage, Sweetgrass, Juniper and many more unique varieties..


Made in Canada. 


Price per stick - 25 cm Length

Native Incense - Eucalyptus

SKU: Eucalyptus
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