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Tilli Courtney 

Tilli Courtney

Grief Support
Intuitive Guidance

When I reflect on the earliest memories of my childhood, a sense of warmth, affection, stability, genuine love and care are just some feelings that surface and come to mind. I was truly blessed with a beautiful foundation, which shaped my view of the world and continues to leave an everlasting impact on who I am today.

Being the eldest of 3 children, from a very young age I embraced the caregiver role with my whole heart. My sensitive and empathic nature to feel what others were feeling came naturally to me. Both of my parents were extremely loving and offered guidance in their own unique way. My mother embodied the true essence of unconditional love. She was the most positive, gentle, kind, calm and nurturing soul who always showed compassion for others. She went above and beyond to meet all of our needs, secured a safe space of acceptance and provided grounds for open communication in our home. Our bond was profound, she was my biggest cheerleader and best friend. My father was funny and taught us not to

take life so seriously. I appreciated his ability to find humor and shed light in the most dysfunctional situations. Don’t get me wrong, life wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns, however my upbringing greatly influenced how I learned to cope and interact with the world. Simply put, I am a product of love.

Growing up in my teenage years I was a victim of bullying, which years later inspired me to enroll in the Child and Youth Worker program in Kingston, Ontario. Understanding firsthand the negative impact bullying can have on someone's identity and self-esteem, I made it my personal mission that no one while in my presence, would ever have to live in fear of being bullied. In 2005, I went on to graduate with honors and much to my surprise was the recipient of the Janet McGinnis award for my program. (Awarded to a student for being selfless, supportive and for their lively ways who earned the respect of their classmates) I was very humbled to be selected for this award. Not only was I recognized for my character and genuine compassion for others, but I felt proud of myself for reaching a significant and empowering milestone in my personal growth.


After graduation I had the pleasure of working as a CYW for the Children’s Mental Health Association in the Quinte area as well as an Educational Assistant with the Hastings and District School Board. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to grow and gain a substantial amount of experience in my field of work with both facilities.


Following marriage, my husband and I brought two beautiful children into the world. During those years I was fortunate to remain home where I could be fully present and provide my love and undivided attention to raise our babies. I spent much of my time volunteering at their Nursery School, where I was eventually offered the Nursery School teacher position. When I wasn’t at the nursery, I was spending quality time with my mom, sharing the experience of motherhood with my best friend. She embraced the grandmother role with every part of her being. The warmth and reassurance of her presence, endless support and guidance helped me navigate all the trials and tribulations of being a new mom. Life felt balanced and whole – until it didn’t.


In September of 2016, my mother was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. I took a compassionate care leave from work and spent every waking moment I had to support her and my family in her journey. After a long-fought battle, my mother took her last breath in our family home January of 2018. My entire world had been rocked. Life as I knew it would never be the same.


Losing my mother was a pivotal chapter in my life. Her passing challenged my entire belief system and encouraged me to see life from a deeper spiritual perspective and as a result set me on a path of an awakening. I had always been open and comfortable to discuss the concept of spirituality, was curious about consciousness and what happens after we die, but at that point in my life I was desperate to find peace in it. Roughly over a year into my grief journey, I noticed my awareness and sensitivity to the energy of others around me had become more heightened. I started paying attention to the consistency of synchronicities, as well as experiencing random moments of déjà vu, which were followed by strong premonitions that would eventually play out to come true. My dreams were also offering me insightful messages, all of which were later validated. A newfound intuition had kicked in and I was suddenly more in tune with myself and the world around me. I became mindful and conscious of where I was investing my time and energy, which lead me to further explore this new realm of reality. I am grateful that I was open to having these experiences in my healing journey, as they offered clarity and encouraged me to follow my inner knowing that I am meant to be a healer in this world. I learned to trust that the universe was nudging me to wake up, tap into my higher self and honor the gifts I came here to share with others. I have always felt a deep calling and an undeniable compassion for being of service to others, so in honor of my dear mother and divine intervention - I embrace the Lightworker world with all that I have to offer.

Healing is a choice and looks different for each and every one of us. What I know to be true, having a healthy support system in place can help shift our perspective and have a profound impact on the direction of our life. Developing a connection with an outside source, who we can trust to share our troubles with in a safe non-judgmental space can be a beautiful opportunity for the healing to begin. We often underestimate the healing power of a listening ear and the influence it can have on our wellness. It is my intention to meet each client where they are in their journey, offer insightful guidance and channel my light in times of darkness. With a warm and open heart and love being my guide, I invite you to share your world with me.


Love and Light,



Tilli Talks

Tilli Talks

Life has the tendency of making us feel mentally and emotionally wiped out for a range of reasons. Unexpected life circumstances are bound to surface from time to time, which can have a great impact on our mental health and well-being. As a result, we can become overwhelmed and be left to feel lost, alone and disconnected. Not knowing where or who to turn to in the midst of our troubles inevitably prolongs unnecessary suffering, keeping us stuck in a muddled headspace. Whatever the issue or situation may be, what I know to be true is the initial step to feeling lighter about it is talking about it. Developing a healthy and meaningful connection with someone outside of our family and friend circle who we feel comfortable being our true selves with, who we can trust to hold space for us in a safe non- judgmental environment can be transformational. An outside source can offer unbiased insight, shift our perspective and support us in exploring our feelings – helping us to find clarity that we may otherwise be unable to get to on our own. To know someone cares, to be seen and to be heard is everything.

I can appreciate and respect that meeting someone new and opening the door of communication can be uncomfortable and anxiety provoking for most, which is why I would like to offer you the opportunity to come in and meet me for a free 20 minute consultation. Let's alleviate the pressure and simply get to know one another first to ensure that it feels like a good fit! I am a patient, sensitive and empathetic listener who is open-minded and genuinely enjoys making new connections. While in conversation with people I meet for the first time in the community or at social gatherings, a common statement I hear quite often is "I don't why I am telling you this", which has fueled my inspiration to offer my time to anyone in our community who may think they could benefit from having a starting point to their healing journey. Human connection is a beautiful thing. I look forward to meeting you

Grief Support

Grief Support
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