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A 42 card deck to support YOU as you remember, reclaim and have fierce reverence for YOUR siren call.

A bottom-of-the-ocean, belly-deep, gnostic knowing that’s coded in the wild waterways of your being. Yep, it’s IN YOUR BODY waiting to be activated THROUGH you.

This is NOT a deck of mermaids, it’s a deck that holds the frequency of the SHE Siren.

Each bright and bold card, has been channelled, illustrated + coloured-in with love and magic by me, Lisa Lister, to support you as you begin to unapologetically reclaim what’s previously been called ‘dangerous’ - your song, your magic, your knowing + your power.


Each siren when pulled from the deck, when met in meditation, when seen in imaginal journeys wants you to:

  • hear and recognize YOUR siren call. (+ to know that for each of us, it WILL be different.)

  • remember, reclaim + have fierce reverence for the bloody glorious siren song that YOU carry.

  • to hold it, carry it, potentise it, and sing its revealment as magic and medicine.


They tell the story (+ hold the potency + power) of me/you/we/SHE - the matriarchs, warrior-women, witches, healers and priestesses of the ancient-future. (Those that have been before, are yet to come and exist in parallel times and paradigms.)


Anyone who has ever been called ‘dangerous’ and/or ‘notorious’ (as if it were a bad thing) because let’s be clear, notorious means to ‘be known’, and it’s seldom been ‘known’ for the ‘good girl’ to be the one who dares to change shit up.


Yet, it’s what the world needs most.

‘Dangerous’ + ‘notorious’ women,
trusting + revering their body,
their oracular knowing,
hearing + heeding their deepest,
from-the-bottom of the ocean siren call
+ birthing (and rebirthing) ourselves
(and our magic) over and over again
as an expressed and fully-lived
siren song for These Times.

She Sirens Oracle Cards

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